Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New BAK's and Mega Collabs to Check Out!

Hmmm, I finally get around to posting for the first time in a while and it seems blogger ate my post. :-/ Let's try again, lol!

Welp, I think if I've ever been ready for spring-time, it's this year! We've had more than our fair share of sickness and such around here the past several months and I'm hoping some fresh spring weather will spell the end of it! Getting back into the routine of things in the digi-world has been harder than I expected, but some of the cheery kits that are abounding are making me more than excited to get back into the swing of things. Take the latest mega collab from the STS designers, for instance. So bright and fun!

Plus, the set of versatile QP's is definitely going on my wish list. How great are these for all sorts of fast layouts?

I'm also pretty excited about the fun colors of March's BAK's. This month it's all about games and heaven knows we play a lot of those around our house!

As fortune would have it, I even managed to snap some pictures of us playing them a couple months ago that were just waiting to be scrapped. It's not often that I manage to grab the camera between turns. :)

I used the papers and elements portions from The Scrappy Kat's contribution.

Love how these both turned out.

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