Monday, April 15, 2013

"For The Beauty" - new kit from me

I have a lovely new kit to share with you today. It's called "For The Beauty" and is all gorgeous blues and greens.

Did you know Earth Day is next Monday, April 22? Normally we don't really do anything to "celebrate" it around our house, but I got to thinking that it might be a fun excuse to do some Earth/Creation projects with my boys this year.

We're always up for an excuse to craft a little and cook a little around here! And of course, while I was thinking of those, I decided to put together a little kit too, lol!

I'm putting it on sale for the next couple weeks so you can get it for just $1 and scrap your own Earth Day fun or even get it a little early and use the pieces to make your Earth Day crafts! Need some inspiration? Below are some of the fun ideas I'm thinking of trying this year.

So these are basically the coolest things EVER. Definitely doing this one...hope it turns out! White cake recipe (colored and spooned into muffin cup), cut off a "lid", cookie cutter a heart shape, and fill with just a smidge of frosting.

These two I'll probably combine. My boys love any excuse to color and then spray coffee filters. It just doesn't seem to get old and I think it works perfectly for making the Earth. We did a mobile a couple years ago with the days of Creation. I may modify this idea to include something like that again...

And this one will be good for the 5 year old, who's definitely into drawing, drawing, drawing right now and maybe he'll even practice some sentences:

What about you? Any fun craft ideas? My boys are pretty small, so I've got to keep it easy, but there are some great crafty ideas out there for kiddos who are just a little bit bigger too!

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